Generation Z: Re-thinking Teaching and Learning Strategies

Seemiller and Grace (2016) state that Generation Z considers themselves loyal, thoughtful, compassionate, open-minded, and responsible. Generation Z pursues to make changes in our society. And according to Seemiller and Grace (2016), this is a challenge because they prefer to work alone and occasionally lack creativity. What does this mean for us as higher education professors? We need to help guide Generation Z students in their higher education endeavors.

Video Conferencing Etiquette- practice it for your next call


Today's entrepreneurs have only experienced good times - this is an alarm clock

The world is within the midst of a crisis, and it's obviously difficult to understand a way to act then. However, it's not the primary crisis the planet has been in, and there are important lessons to be learned from history. Only within the last 20 years was a true crisis in 2001, and one in 2008. Our concern for the important entrepreneurial ecosystem is that a lot of today's start-up employees and leaders weren't even in working life in 2008. they need thus only experienced a boom. We have previously spoken highly about the extravagances we've seen during this boom. Many of those risk capitalists could have prevented, but as long as everything goes up everyone seems to be on the train. Now there's the danger of investors jumping off the train and alone within the locomotive then stands the contractor. On stage and in interviews, we've railed that companies without revenue don't seem to be companies - but hobbies. we've said that

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding at a glance Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors. This approach taps into the collective efforts of a large pool of individuals — primarily online via social media and crowdfunding platforms — and leverages their networks for greater reach and exposure. How is crowdfunding different from other types of finance? Crowdfunding is essentially the opposite of the mainstream approach to business finance. Traditionally, if a person wants to raise capital to start a business or launch a new product, they would need to pack up their business plan, market research, and prototypes, and then shop their idea around to a limited pool or wealthy individuals or institutions. These funding sources included banks, angel investors, and venture capital firms, which limits options to a few key players. This fundraising approach is like a funnel, with the entrepreneur and their pitch at th

7 Best CrowdFunding sites

CircleUp This site is perfect for early-stage startup or business focused on consumer brands. The mission is to help entrepreneurs flourish their business by providing them the required capital and resources. They provide capital in the form of equity, credit, or both, based on your business’s unique needs. It’s one of the best equity crowdfunding platforms. Find out more about  CircleUp GoFundMe GoFundMe is the best charitable cause. It is a globally recognized stage for serving people all over the place to put their money toward charities and causes that matter to them. Funding fees are zero percent for individual campaigns in the US and five percent for charities and countries outside the US. If you doing something for the community than this is a perfect play to fundraise. Find out more about  GoFundMe iFundWomen By the title itself, we can guess who it’s focused for. iFundWomen is precisely designed for early-stage,  female  entrepreneurs. They let the campaigners

How Can Female Entrepreneurs Attract Financing?

How Can Female Entrepreneurs Attract Financing? Money is the biggest stumbling block for start-ups led by women, but there are ways to workaround that. Female entrepreneurs gathered in Washington in September for a Visa-sponsored event championing their role in small businesses. Credit...Eric Kayne/Associated Press   The number of female entrepreneurs is on the rise around the world. Women-owned businesses in the United States, for example, are surging, according to  the 2019 State of Women-Owned Business Report  from American Express. Between 2014 and this year, the number of such enterprises climbed 21 percent, to nearly 13 million. By contrast, the number of businesses overall in the United States increased by just 9 percent. Companies owned by women of color grew even more, by 43 percent. Ireland and the rest of Europe have seen a burst in female entrepreneurship as well, said Joanne Hession, founder of The  Entrepreneurs Academy , based in Dublin. It’s

10 Essential Characteristics of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Owning a business isn't for everyone. The stress and hard work that come with it makes many people unwilling to dive in. It takes a special kind of person to be an entrepreneur - to come up with an idea and put that idea into action. But not all ideas work out. In fact, the  Bureau of Labor Statistics  finds that 50% of small businesses fail within the first four years. Not a big vote of confidence for quitting your job and becoming an entrepreneur. But entrepreneurs don't see the risk: they see the reward. As an entrepreneur myself, I know how to put the time and effort in to make my dream a reality. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to have the right personality and the right attitude. Here are 10 essential characteristics to be successful as an entrepreneur: 1. Creative Entrepreneurship starts with an idea. To be successful, you need to always be thinking of new ideas and better ways of doing things. In an interview in Martyn