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Khelbei Bangladesh Takes Top Prize for Bangladesh Finals of Entrepreneurship World Cup

  The national finale of the Entrepreneurship World Cup was held on 17th September in Bangladesh. Like the previous year, Impactors Connect and Daffodil International University have hosted the national finale in Bangladesh. This year, more than 675 startups applied for Entrepreneurship World Cup- Bangladesh. Among them, top 10 startups have been selected to pitch on the national finale. Among these top 10 startups, Khelbei Bangladesh, ANTT Robotics, and Interactive Cares take top prize for Bangladesh finals of the Entrepreneurship World Cup. In the beginning of the program, Md. Asif Iqbal, CEO of Impactors Connect and Country Director of Entrepreneurship World Cup, Bangladesh has shown a brief overview of the impacts created by the Entrepreneurship World Cup in the last three years in Bangladesh. "EWC has created a great impact as more than 3K startups have applied in last three years. Not only that, it has given a great opportunity to all the startups in the ecosystem to connect

Webinar on Competent Business Graduates for Industries

BIZ TALK ON, Competent Business Graduates for Industries where the Guest Speaker is Mr. Syed Alamgir, Group MD & CEO, Akij Venture, Mr. Anwar Faruq Talukder, Chief SME Business Officer, DBBL and Professor Mohammed Masum Iqbal, PhD , Dean, Faculty of Business & Entrepreneurship, Daffodil International University and Mr. Asif Iqbal, Senior Lecturer, Department of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Daffodil International University. 

Entrepreneurship World Cup Open to All Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

Entrepreneurship World Cup Open to All Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. The Entrepreneurship World Cup is open for 2021 and is accepting applications – aiming to expand past the 175,000 contestants from 200+ countries in its first year. The program offers a chance to pitch on a global stage for a share of US$1 million in cash prizes plus additional investment opportunities and another US$750,000 in inkind support.  Impactors Connect is the official national organizer for Bangladesh, helping entrepreneurs across the country start and scale.  " Entrepreneurship World Cup is not a typical competition. In EWC, the changemakers or the startups not only get the chance to get a very lucrative cash prize but also the opportunity to shape up his/ her startups in the global perspective by the facilities like the world class accelerators, global mentors and the communities ", said Mr. Asif Iqbal who is the Country Director of Entrepreneurship World Cup- Bangladesh. But EWC is more than ju

Things you need to know about Startup Funding Rounds | Infographic


Make your Next Presentation Visually Awesome | Asif Iqbal

A webinar entitled "Make your Next Presentation Visually Awesome" will be held on 14 March 2021 at 3:00 pm. Mr. Asif Iqbal who is the Trainer and Innovation at Google for Education will take the session. He is also working as the Faculty of the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Daffodil International University

Battle of Startups- A theme specific event for Startups | Asif Iqbal

Mr. Asif Iqbal, Initiator of Battle of Startups was speaking in the 1st session to motivate the top 10 startups from the Dept. of Innovation & Entrepreneurship of DIU who pitched there. #Startups​ #Entrepreneurs​